30cm / 12" Water Pipe Hookah Glass Bong Joint Tobacco Pipe Glassware 30cm

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1. Material: Glass
2. Color: Multi-color
3. Height: 30cm/1.8''
4. Joint: 14.5mm
1. Convenient and exquisite h-ookah grass for smokers.
2. It can reduce the oil content of c-igarettes effectively, purify nicotine and other harmful element in c-igarette.
3. Also can filter acid carbon and other harmful substances effectively, mitigate sputum and shortness of breath, good for reducing soot on teeth.
4. Helps eliminate unwanted odors from your finger tips.
5. Allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your smoke while reducing the tar and the harshness of the smoke.
Package Included:
1 x H-ookah Water Glass B-ong

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