USA Sourced Products

It's Back!

After losing our partnership with a now-defunct supplier here in the USA, we have been continuously searching for a quality replacement. 

We are proud to announce we have finally located a reputable wholesaler here in the USA, who have agreed to offer direct from their warehouse shipping. 

No more weeks-long wait for your package! Get your newest Bong, Bubbler, Spoon Hand Pipe, Oil Burner, and many other quality smoking accessories in under a week via USPS & FedEx!

To find an item on offer, check for a USA Flag in the upper corner of the main product photo. We will also have a new, dedicated product category where you can find a wide range, and constantly growing, list of items for sale!

We will have more information as the products are fully uploaded into our catalog, so stay tuned and make sure to tell your friends!!!

We are looking into implementing a referral service to help grow our brand, as advertising on the major search engines is not a possibility. So that's where you come in! 

Word of mouth is always the best form of advertisement, so if you would like to see this website grow and succeed, I could use your help! We are looking into incentives to help persuade you guys to get those boots on the ground and spreading the 10thCloud Gospel!

Until then, Stay One Cloud Above the Rest, where you'll find us at 10thCloud!




Matthew Clark