Track Your Package! Also, "Am I A Scam?"

Posted by Matthew Clark on

Hello Everyone!

A Few Things To Discuss...

Package Tracking

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, it's come across my attention that a few of you guys have been having trouble tracking your packages. As soon as you get an update from our automated response email, copy your tracking number and head to They are much more user-friendly than the other options given. I strongly recommend them, as they have years under their belt providing accurate and current information.

Also, it's been rumored...

...That I'm a scam artist running a bogus website and stealing money from you all! If that's the case, I'm probably the worst scammer out there. Since 100% of my paying customers have received their items (sometimes getting more than what they paid for, when I was able to find them a better deal), that must make me one pitiful criminal.

That, or maybe I am just one-man-show trying to operate a business by myself. Trust me, it's not as easy as some may think. I have made some mistakes, namely with a few payment providers, but there have been ZERO incidents where someone ended up without their items. 

I make sure my customers are taken care of. I have plenty of references to prove this, if you care to take a look, you can check my old eBay Seller Profile: 10thCloudMerchants 

I can give you more references if you like since I have nothing to hide. If you wish to get ahold of me, the email addresses provided on the contact page will send it to my inbox. Due to the large amounts of emails I receive daily, there have been times where I have missed a few of your questions, however, I will get back to you as I catch up. For that, I do apologize. I will make it up to you one way or another, that I promise!

Anyways, I have tons of work to do getting ready for Cyber Monday, looking forward to serving your orders and answering your emails.

From this Incompetent Criminal to you, my loyal Victims/Customers ;)

Best Wishes,

Matthew Clark,



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