New Collection Added - USA Based Items!

Posted by Matthew Clark on

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce a new addition to our product collections: USA Based Items! We have found a few suppliers based here in the USA who are ready to offer their products on our website for your enjoyment! No more long wait times coming from Chinese factories (although we will continue offering those amazingly low priced items!) Most items will ship and deliver in 3-5 business days, depending on product availability, Post Office Workload, etc. 

To differentiate between the new items and other non-USA based items, look for the New Collection tab (duh), along with "USA Based Item" in the Product description, or a US Flag in the product photo. 

While we are proud to offer items Worldwide, this category will only apply to US Residents. All other items are available to our customers outside of the USA. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for being our loyal customers!

Looking forward to processing your new orders!

Best Wishes, and have a happy holiday season!




Matthew Clark



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