Credit Card Processor Issues...

Posted by Matthew Clark on

Hello All,

We Regret To Inform You Guys That We Are Experiencing Problems With Our Credit Card Processor. They Suddenly, And Without Warning, Cancelled Our Account, For Reasons Still Not Explained. This Has Caused Us To Lose Many Of Our Orders, As Some Of You Have Pointed Out To Us. We Are Deeply Sorry For The Inconvenience, And We Are Looking Into Adopting Another Service To Fill The Ga Left Open. 

That Said, You Are Encouraged To Pay Using Either Paypal Or With Cryptocurrencies Via Coinbase or Bitstamp. We Are Looking Into Adding More Payment Methods So That We Do Not Lose Anymore Potential Orders.

Feel Free To Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions Or If You Are Experiencing Issues With Your Order, We Would Be Happy To Work Out Some Type Of Solution In Order To Provide You With The Products You Want.



Cart Issues/Manual Order Input:

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